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You will save 50% on pool and spa chemicals.

You can save on electrical costs by as much as 66% since you can run your  pump and filter half of the normal time.

Eliminates most strong chemical odors & residue with no dry skin.

Going on vacation? You won’t have to run your pump and filter, and still come back to crystal clear water.

Clarifies water, stabilizes pH and alkalinity, and reduces vacuuming.

Has softening agents to prevent scale build-up. Water feels smooth & silky.

Shock pool when necessary (usually twice a month) with our premium TKO chlorine shock. Or go with DuPont Oxy-Out.  No mixing!   Just pour  in pool and swim in 15 minutes.

Eclipse 3 will not fade pool liners, and has no erosive effects on filtration system and parts.

When you close your pool sprinkle 12 oz. of Eclipse 3 on top of the cover.

It will eliminate slimy and smelly water when you  take the cover off

2 lb Bucket….$21.99- Small ABG Pools

8.8 lb Bucket….$59.99– Large ABG, IG Pools

Tired of changing out your sand and putting up with poor efficiency? Check out Dr. Dryden’s Activate, an innovative new permanent sand alternative.

Dr. Dryden’s Activate